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This guide serves as a starting place for your journey to making a
quilt. The wonderful thing about quilting is that there is no “one way”
to do it—there are a million ways to make a quilt! But that can
sometimes feel overwhelming when you are getting started, right?

Using this guide, with its simple instructions and suggestions, you will

learn basic techniques for how to repurpose used textiles into a one-of-
a-kind quilt. This guide places an emphasis on quilting versus piecing.

The simplicity of the hand piecing, using only a few big pieces of fabric,
will allow your hand quilting to shine!


This guide is full of hand-drawn illustrations, and also includes links to video clips so you can watch the techniques! 


**This is a downloadable PDF tutorial, not a physical product or class.**


This Quilt Tutorial is part of our Sustainable Sewing: Quilting series, which is supported in part by the City of Flagstaff's Neighborhood Sustainability Grant. 

How to Make a Quilt: a Guide to Simple, Sustainable Hand Quilting

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