About Us

Our Mission

Threaded Together is a nonprofit organization devoted to inspiring creativity and connection through textile arts programs that empower participants, enrich our community, and offer employment pathways for women and

vulnerable populations.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone is important and deserving of success in life. Our vision is that, through inclusive, life-enhancing programs, every Threaded Together sewist gains the knowledge and support to feel inspired, empowered, connected,

and self-determined.

Meet our Leadership

Sarah Buss


Sarah LOVES art education, helping people find their dream home, doing all the outdoor adventure, and using her super powers for good.

Lindsey Watson

President, Co-Founder


Lindsey LOVES her sweet family, drinking coffee in the sunshine, reading ten books at once, paddling in warm water, glitter and rainbows, big bowls of pasta, and of course, sewing all the things (especially quilts)!

Tina La Chance

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Tina LOVES her life here in Flagstaff, AZ, sewing up a storm, hiking with her dog, swimming in all the water, growing fresh veggies and preserving them, and learning all the mediums of making. Makers Gonna Make!

Vanya Watson

Vice President


Vanya thinks nothing is sweeter than dates with the grandkids, family dinners, purple hair, and a dog named Sam.

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