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Meet Guest Instructor, Angela Price

Angela price loves granola cookies. She also loves helping kids discover the joy of sewing.

"I started teaching kids how to sew in Germany in 2008," Price said. "It's fun to teach children to sew. However much more exciting to see the curiosity behind the creation of the children's development. If there is a will there is a way! I'm up for the challenge of any child's imagination!"

With more than 30 years of sewing experience under her belt, Price is an asset to our team of guest teachers. She'll be teaching a dog-bone-shaped neck pillow class on August 22.

"We are excited to educate you in basic sewing skills by making a fun neck/head rest for you to enjoy when reading or doing homework," Price explained, "The fun surprise is that the neck rest is a pillow in the shape of a dog bone. By cutting & then assembling the dog bone... you will see the pillow take form. Not to mention the best part-- the stuffing of the pillow. And then finishing up with needle & thread or machine."

Learn more about Angela's class here.

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