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Since our doors opened in 2020, Threaded Together has been working to make our community a better place one stitch at a time. Whether it was our work making PPE in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic or our programs that work to nurture inclusive communities and combat injustice that caught their attention, we've had the chance to share our story with several esteemed media outlets. 

Click the round images below to check out the coverage!

Punk Frockers


Sew Organized Style

Sew Organised Style podcast (1).png

Arizona Daily Sun
(Local Newspaper)

AZ Central
(Local News)

The Lumberjack
(NAU Student Newspaper)

AZ Central.png
The Lumberjack.png

Flagstaff LIVE!
(Local Magazine)

NAZ Today
(NAU Student TV News Station)

MSN News
(National News Source)

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