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We believe in 

creativity + connection.

Through inclusive and accessible TEXTILE ARTS programs we lift up and empower vulnerable members of our community. By providing educational and economic opportunities like free after-school sewing classes and paid tailoring and sewing apprenticeships, Threaded Together gives kids, teens, and women the chance at success that they deserve.
Join us in transforming lives + creating a more vibrant community!

Want to learn to sew?

We offer many different options for learning to sew! Choose from group classes, workshops, or private lessons.  


Need alterations?


Using Threaded Together for all your sewing needs lifts up women and provides employment for vulnerable populations!

Our Programs

Sewing Squad

FREE, after-school sewing program taught by Threaded Together Mentors at schools and community centers. Kids learn the basics of hand and machine sewing, with an emphasis on resourcefulness and repurposing.


Teen Mentorship

FREE, one-on-one mentorship for teens facing adversity (foster care, poverty, homelessness). Teens are paired with a Threaded Together Mentor to learn how to sew at their own pace in a safe and nurturing environment.


STEP Program

Our Sewing and Textile Employment Pathway (STEP) Program provides women and vulnerable populations the opportunity to learn valuable tailoring and sewing skills through a paid apprenticeship in the Threaded Together Workroom. 

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