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Fabric Thrift Shop

Our secondhand store is stocked with modern, vintage, and specialty fabric and fiber.

Want to donate fabric?


Call 928-527-3031, and tell us you're coming!

If not, we may not have space for your donation.

Here's a donation double-checklist:

  • Double check your textile tool donations are clean, usable, and in good condition.

    • Textile tools include crochet hooks, embroidery hoops, sewing machines, etc.

  • Double check your fabric donations are large enough for a new project — no scraps under a yard.

  • Double check your patterns are in good enough condition to be used for a new project.

We cannot accept:

  • Scraps

  • Clothing

  • Partially-finished projects

  • Upholstery samples

  • Broken or in-need-of-repair sewing machines

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